Crowns and Bridges

Art Dental Studio utilises the best material for each individual case. We choose which ever will give you and the patient the best result, our prices are the same for all the different product materials this simplifies the decision choice of product. We are experienced in all dental materials but being an Ivoclar Opinion Leader I have an advantage over other technicians in using Ivoclar materials. IPS e.max Press is a versatile and proven lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) for the press technique. The material offers excellent fit, function and aesthetics combined with a high strength of 400 MPa. It is especially good for cosmetic smile cases giving an aesthetic result. It can be used for single crowns, veneers and bridgework. The range of shades and values in the ingots means that every case no matter what the situation can usually be treated with e.max.

Zirconia is another great material and has really advanced in aesthetics. It can now be used in a similar way to IPS e.max for posterior monolithic crowns and bridges, the translucency has increased and the vitality achieved can be compared to IPS e.max. It can also be used in the anterior region and be layered which gives an amazing result.

Metal bonded is still used in the appropriate places and can cover the darkest of preps. It is an under estimated type of restoration, it can give an amazing aesthetic result with enough space.

Preparation design is no different for e.max, Zirconia or metal bonded ceramics. We can provide details of prep design and measurements for you.